Wedding stories

Cheryl & Steve

edited (202 of 362)I met Cheryl and Steve through an old world colleague, Alan, who was a close friend of theirs and suggested me for their wedding. They viewed my website, rang me up and the first meeting was arranged. I travelled over to Swinton where the final arrangements were made. The wedding was to be held down the M6 at the Chimney House Hotel which is just between Sandbach & Congleton, beautiful gardens surround the hotel which has tonnes of character. Read more

Becky & Danny Manchester Town Hall

edited (60 of 615)This was a belter of a wedding I had the pleasure of being at. I was helping Damian who was the lead photographer on the day and I was there to catch things from a different eye and it was such a big wedding as well there was a lot going on so lets just say it was an eventful day.

I turned up at the Town Hall in Albert Square in Manchester, weather was chilled but dry and met Damian and Danny the groom across the road in the Slug and Lettuce.

Pleasantries out of the way I set myself up, already there was Laughter from the guests already there awaiting the arrival of the gorgeous Becky, she didn’t disappoint.Read more

David & Amber

Amber & Dave (44 of 143)

Now this wedding was arranged by a chance meeting with Ambers dad, Andy, which was the first time I had met him, on Christmas  Day night in his local pub, which I had gone into with my own dad for a festive drink.

We chatted about Ambers wedding & that she hadn’t organised a photographer for the big day, I gave him a card & he passed it onto his daughter.  We met, Amber was quite quiet, but knew what she wanted, we chatted somewhat & it seemed we both liked & wanted the same thing from the day. Dave arrived slightly later from work & seemed to like the fact that Amber had nearly already made her mind up, the ladies usually do. I shown Amber & Dave some of my previous work & that was it, I was booked. Once again I was delighted to be part of someones big day.

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Rob & Lou

Manchester evening skyline

My year was slowly filling up with weddings, events, parties, even some of my own celebrations to attend when I got a call from Lou who had been given my number by a mutual friend. This was a request for me to shoot her wedding day, she had seen my previous work before & was excited (as I was too) to get me to be there on her special day. This particular date may have clashed with a weekend away I had booked previously & this is where I felt really wanted…..”cancel it she says”… I really want you to be at my wedding..

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Paul & Sue – Wedding at Best Western Hotel Smokies Park

Paul & Sue Wedding Photos

I had met Paul through a friend of mine, who was actually Paul’s brother Steve and best man on the day. I called round to show Paul and Sue, the future Mrs Fisher, all my previous work. It also gave them the opportunity to meet me as a person so they could see my personality and how serious I am about my work. Sue wasn’t too keen on the bridal prep photos, so I was at the church in good time.

Paul and Sue’s wedding was at St Stephens at Guide Bridge. A deceptive church that looked huge on the outside but inside was a cosy little church which made the wedding of Paul and Sue all that more intimate. A large balcony at the back gave a great angle to get some different shots to what I usually capture. As the day went on Sue relaxed a little more and wasn’t as shy in front of the camera which showed in the images. A natural smile is always best and she looked stunning every time she did which was quite a lot that day after marrying Paul, she looked complete.

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Michael & Leanne – Wedding at St Christopher’s

Michael & Leanne Wedding Photos

Michael and Leanne were happy with me just turning up at the church to capture their big day, but after some persuasion, Michael had convinced Leanne to let me join them at the house where she and the girls and Dad of course would be, whilst she got ready for the wedding.

It was a damp rainy day but walking into the house you wouldn’t think it. The Bridesmaids were giddy, Dad was a tad nervous but nothing a wee dram of whiskey couldn’t sort, but in good spirits in more ways than one.

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Steve & Kay – Wedding at Denton St Lawrence

Steve & Kay Wedding Photos

Steve and Kay booked me after seeing the work I did at on of their friends wedding late in October last year. They took my card and didn’t even have a follow up meeting saying they were happy with the way I worked and how well I get on with people, which, you can imagine I was over the moon with.

I arrived to Kay’s parent’s home where everybody was doing something and the children were well, being children… excitable for the day ahead. Kay was super chilled and was just soaking up the atmosphere whilst bridesmaids did each others hair, children played, babies being fed and I found a corner to set myself up amongst all the bodies moving from room to room.

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John & Lauren – Wedding at The Saddleworth Hotel

John and Lauren wedding photos

John and Lauren’s wedding was something spectacular! A gorgeous day, beautiful young couple, fantastic venue at The Saddleworth Hotel and some of the nicest cars I’ve ever seen.

It didn’t take long for me to get some fantastic images from the bridal/groom prep. Seeing as they were only one street away from each other, it was easy for me to run between the two houses, albeit John was slightly on the shy side and said if I got a good image of him on the day he’d pay me double!

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Nick & Laura – Wedding at St Margaret’s Church

Nick and Laura Wedding Photos

A few years ago I used to do nightclub photography to gain experience in the field and it was a great networking tool. This took me all over, Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds where I met many other photographers doing what I do, all striving to learn the trade from the ground up.

I met another photographer called James from Leeds and he knew that I did wedding photography at the time. He asked me if I minded seeing a couple he knew with view to me shooting their wedding, which I saw as a great honour. The couple, Nick and Laura, were keen to meet me and see my work. After a quick drive to Leeds, portfolio in hand, I was booked within the week.

This wedding was some years ago in my early days of being a wedding photographer and was my first paid shoot. Having done only five or six weddings for friends, I was naturally nervous but still confident in my ability and knew I could deliver exactly what Nick and Laura wanted from me.

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