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John & Lauren – Wedding at The Saddleworth Hotel

John and Lauren wedding photos

John and Lauren’s wedding was something spectacular! A gorgeous day, beautiful young couple, fantastic venue at The Saddleworth Hotel and some of the nicest cars I’ve ever seen.

It didn’t take long for me to get some fantastic images from the bridal/groom prep. Seeing as they were only one street away from each other, it was easy for me to run between the two houses, albeit John was slightly on the shy side and said if I got a good image of him on the day he’d pay me double!

Make up was professionally done by Emma. As the girls all sipped on the champagne with Mum Julie more chilled than the champers, Lauren was ready before everyone else and was so relaxed she was almost horizontal. This made it a lot easier for me to capture as she was happy, so there were no forced smiles. She was really looking forward to marrying the man of her dreams.

We then headed off to the venue for the ceremony with the glorious sunshine adding smiles to the already giddy guests and John the groom, awaiting the beautiful bride and her father Gary.

The venue in the hills of Saddleworth was the perfect backdrop for the wedding, lush green trees and glorious sunshine in the crisp blue skies with a scattering of light clouds. After John and Lauren John sealed the wedding with “The Kiss” we set off into the countryside for some “moment” photos so they could spend some time together, alone as Mr and Mrs John Boomer for the very first time.

I had already researched around locally for some abstract backgrounds for a different edge to the wedding photos and had found an old derelict pub and seen this as something different to use for shooting. John seemed to have the bouquet in his hands more often than Lauren which actually made some of the funnier shots as we prefer the laughter than the more serious look in our images.

We headed back to the venue for the cake cutting photos and for them to join their guests and raise a glass to toast the new Mr and Mrs Boomer. The tables were set and the meals were warming, the wine and champagne were chilling as the guests took their own photographic memory from the day on mobiles and pocket cameras. The meals were eaten and wine was drank and the speeches were about to begin.

Laughter right from the off from all three best men, all adding some memory to entertain the friends and family albeit a little embarrassing for John at times. A few more glasses were raised just in time for the evening guests to arrive. The DJ put some background music on as they all filtered in and the lights were dimmed and the scene was set for the first dance. You could definitely tell there was love in the air that night. To round the first dance off, Lauren was taken to the floor by her Dad Gary and they danced to “My Girl” by the Temptations.
The final shots of the evening were up in the woods with the sunset just giving a nice background to the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Boomer.

Wedding dress by – Cheshire Brides
Cake and flowers by – Kelly Louise of The Saddleworth Hotel
Make up by – Emma Nulty
Venue – Saddleworth Hotel


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  1. Lee Jennings is an amazing photographer and right from meeting him we all hit it off. We had some ideas of shots we wanted and explained them to lee, he recreated them better than we could ever imagine. He fitted in with us all and wasn’t at all pushy or controlling as some photographers can be he was more like a friend cracking jokes and getting along with all the guests. The photo album is perfect and we love every picture he has taken, it is excellent quality and very reasonably priced. He went above and beyond starting early in the morning around 8am and staying until 11pm to get the night time shots which We treasure and are some of the best. We recommend him to anyone getting married.
    John and Lauren boomer

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