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edited (206 of 303)I went to school with Kristy many many moons ago…well it definitely feels like it and obviously in our day, the wasn’t the social media we have nowadays. If you didn’t have a land line in them days, we had to find as many coins as possible to use the public telephone to keep in touch, as it happens, Kristy and I never kept in touch.

We used to bump into each other in the bright lights of Ashton town centre of a weekend with our respected mates, but that was about it, then social media took over all our lives and the rest is history. This is where Kristy met..”Andy lad” (pet names are allowed).

They hit it off straight away and since knowing Andy myself, it’s plain to see these two are perfect for one another, both happy, smiley, friendly and warm and as time has moved on, their love for one another seems to get stronger every day. When their son Joel came along, this boosted the bond between them furthermore. A picture perfect family.

So Facebook allowed us all to find one another again over time, also this was an outlet for me to showcase my work. This prompted Kristy to contact me about shooting their wedding, I was delighted. We met at their house for me to show previous weddings I had the pleasure of shooting and the date was booked. 28th November 2015.

The day was overcast when I arrived at Kristy’s parents house, but once inside the house was buzzing with excitement and the odd glass of Prosecco. The make up girl was there finishing off Kristy’s face and hair with Sam, best friend since first meeting at work some years ago. Kristy’s dad was in a fantastic but chilled mood, putting the bets on the days horse racing and watching Joe Bonamassa on the TV.

I managed to get the pre-make up shots in and then some of the final touches to begin the story of the wedding of Kristy & Andy Nadin. The time arrived for the dress to be unwrapped, Mum was excited, albeit helped along by the prosecco but couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous daughter in her wedding dress. It was on..!! Dad was in the other room getting himself ready and came into where Kristy was getting ready with a shoe on each hand, pure comedy, he stood back and his smile absolutely blew away the overcast shadows outside, for once that day, he was speechless, she looked an absolute vision.

Paul, a friend of the family had arrived with the car to take them to St. Christophers where all the family, friends and most of all, Andy with Joel awaited. The weather had taken a turn for the worst so the brollies were out as we all made our way to the church. I managed to get there first and nip inside to see Andy waiting with family & his best man Adam. Joel was now waiting behind the church front doors excited to see his mummy for the first time in her dress. She was here, I ran to the car, brolly in one hand, camera in the other to capture as many shots of Kristy and the car in the pouring rain. We made it up the steps rather hastily to avoid the awful weather just as Joel opened the door to see his mummy running up the steps to the church, his face was a picture.. He immediately clung to her throwing both his arms around Kristy and gave her a big kiss. Kristy composed herself, Joel had an important job of carrying the sign to let Andy was the time to run if he so wished.

Kristy made her way down the aisle to the awaiting Andy, He didn’t run after all, to where Father Simon was also waiting to conduct the service of bringing Kristy & Andy together. The hymns were sang, the service began and then there was a new Mr & Mrs Nadin. The legalities were finalised and they made their way down the aisle to paparazzi style photos from family and friends as I got my opportunity also. Thankfully, the reception was downstairs in the church hall below the church itself, so because of the weather, we all had to wait our turn to use the lift to get there.

We all made it down to a beautifully dressed room that you thought was unimaginable before. Kristy along with friends and family had virtually decorated the whole room herself including all the tables, very wintery indeed. A few drinks were poured as everyone took to their seats for the meal, a right good carvery. I used this opportunity for five minutes to myself.

I came back to a room full of fed and watered people with some background music playing via the ipod and children playing on the dance floor (and eating sweets off the sweet cart, ssh). I used this time to take some opportune photos of people enjoying the day and of the happy couple mingling with the guests. It was time for the speeches, the best man & chief bridesmaid were both married to each other & were also the best mates of Kristy & Andy. The usual embarassing stories were told, but not too many cringeworthy moments though.

Because of the weather, outdoor photos were limited, so luckily I have two umbrellas with me at all times, we made it outside while guests inside were getting ready for the evening ahead. We used the front of the church as a backdrop as the weather was atrocious, some clever off camera flash was used to catch something different. Kristy & Andy took it in their stride posing in different ways with the brollies.

Back inside we went as the evening guests were filing in, cards and gifts in hand. Children still full of energy, the band for the evening were setting up with a sound check, the night was building to be a belting affair. It was time for Kristy & Andy to cut the cake so everyone got their cameras at the ready, me included & the knife went in. A few more poses by the cake and the band were ready, the first dance song lined up to be played for the new Mr & Mrs Nadin. They danced and was joined by Joel, very touching. Once again the weather was still bad outside so more indoor shots were needed, even the confetti shot we managed indoors as everyone made a tunnel for them to walk down to loud applause & cheers of joy. The band started up with some absolutely fantastic tracks which filled the dance floor up in no time. More photo opportunities were taken before I left fot the rest of the evening, it had been a long day…but definitely worth it.

I left the party with some fantastic pictures and even better memories as there were plenty of old school friends there too. The words from the day were, they enjoyed me being part of their big day that much, that I could do their next one too…made me smile.


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