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Steve & Kay – Wedding at Denton St Lawrence

Steve & Kay Wedding Photos

Steve and Kay booked me after seeing the work I did at on of their friends wedding late in October last year. They took my card and didn’t even have a follow up meeting saying they were happy with the way I worked and how well I get on with people, which, you can imagine I was over the moon with.

I arrived to Kay’s parent’s home where everybody was doing something and the children were well, being children… excitable for the day ahead. Kay was super chilled and was just soaking up the atmosphere whilst bridesmaids did each others hair, children played, babies being fed and I found a corner to set myself up amongst all the bodies moving from room to room.

The make up artist turned up with a case as big as a small car which really wasn’t required as all Kay needed was a bit of ‘lippy’ and she was ready. But not before the champagne was popped and the flutes were topped up and the emergency glasses had a drop in there too, but not for dad as he had some milk instead.

The time for the final touches was ever nearing as the car was en route. Well I say car, it was a classic Volkswagen Campervan, in a traditional British Green with all the trimmings. Kay slipped on the garter, donned the tiara and slipped into the dress, she looked stunning and the smile on her face said a lot. She was happy and definitely looking forward to her big day.

The church of Denton St Lawrence was the place for the happy couple to become Mr and Mrs Smith, with it’s traditional ‘oldy worldy’ look from the outside and pretty much the same on the inside.

“Smit” was waiting at the altar for his gorgeous bride to arrive, all suited and booted with a small guitar as a lapel piece in place of a flower which told me, this guy loves his music.

She’s here… the flower girls led the way including Ava their daughter looking ultra cute, followed shortly by Kay. She made it to the front as Steve turned to see her for the first time and the smile on his face was like he had just scooped the lottery. But money was not at the forefront of his mind as what they were about to do was priceless and the genuine love between the couple was enough enrichment to fill every ones hearts… even mine as yes, I shed a small tear of enjoyment of course.

Outside, friends and family were greeted by an ice cream van giving away 99’s and even a passer by got a free one and the ladies from the church joined in too. A few formal shots later we headed up to The Venue at Wimberry Hill in Glossop. Guests ordered their first drink of the day and the children found the ‘extras’ Kay had collected. From silly big glasses to inflatable guitars, it wasn’t long before the parents were donned in all the wigs and strumming an inflatable guitar.

The meals were served, washed down with a few more drinks and we were ready for the speeches. Short and sweet but pure comedy from minute one. Gifts were given to those all important people including a wire dog (see photos) and the timed sweepstake for the best man’s speech was read out.

I grabbed Steve and Kay and I drove them, in my van (see photos), up into the local countryside for some moment shots as Mr and Mrs Smith, together, alone for the first time. The sun was setting which gave the perfect backdrop to get some classic shots including some silhouette ones too. An open road and one happy couple walking off into the distance hand in hand was perfect for me, they even got beeped off passing traffic and a happy wave and a thumbs up from them was an excellent opportunity for a comedy shot.

Back to the venue as the evening guests were arriving and I just mingled amongst everyone taking some natural shots of everyone enjoying the day. The place soon filled up with even more friends and family and it was soon time for the cake to be cut. The children couldn’t wait to get stuck into it, so much so I could hardly get near the table as the children awaited eagerly for a piece of the ‘naked’ cake. The DJ was building the night up nicely and the dance floor was already filling up even before the first dance had taken place. The time had arrived and Steve and Kay took to the floor and within about ten seconds, their daughter, Ava had jumped up there so it was more of a happy family first dance which gave it the extra ‘Awe’ factor.

Church – Denton St Lawrence
Venue – The Venue at Wimberry Hill


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