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Michael & Leanne – Wedding at St Christopher’s

Michael & Leanne Wedding Photos

Michael and Leanne were happy with me just turning up at the church to capture their big day, but after some persuasion, Michael had convinced Leanne to let me join them at the house where she and the girls and Dad of course would be, whilst she got ready for the wedding.

It was a damp rainy day but walking into the house you wouldn’t think it. The Bridesmaids were giddy, Dad was a tad nervous but nothing a wee dram of whiskey couldn’t sort, but in good spirits in more ways than one.

Leanne didn’t need much pampering as she already looked stunning and the excitable look in her eyes was enough to tell me she couldn’t wait to become Mrs Holland. One final drop of Prosecco and a small toast to the day and the car had arrived. Brolly at the ready, everyone quickly got into the car which was a Volkswagen Camper Van in sky blue. Few more shots and we headed to St Christopher’s in Ashton-U-Lyne. There was an original Mod style Vespa scooter waiting with a Union Jack flag with the wedding details of Michael and Leanne outside. Still raining and brolly still managing to stay up, Leanne made her way up the steps rather quickly to get out of the rain, even in the heels she had on.

Michael was waiting at the front with fellow guests in the pews as Leanne made her way towards the altar. Michael turned to see his future wife for the first time in her wedding dress and they both had smiles from ear to ear, the time had arrived to become Mr and Mrs Holland.
The service was joyful with plenty of funny moments and just as the final words and blessings were read, the sun came out lighting up the stained glass windows and brightening the whole church.

A few pictures were had with their two sons and witnesses as they signed the register and it was all official. They made their way down the aisle to their awaiting guests all hoping to be the first to offer their congratulations. Outside the sun was shining and the grounds were starting to dry up. The long walkway up to the church steps was the place where everyone stood as Leanne was about to launch the bouquet in true traditional style and who was the one to catch it? None other than the best man!

We headed into the greener area of the church grounds for the traditional family photos and to capture Michael and Leanne as Mr and Mrs Holland before they disappeared for the wedding breakfast. A few comedy shots were taken too, but in all the hustle bustle trying to get everyone in shot and making sure we had the correct people in place, the priest had an appointment with family up in Scotland and had already set off, closing the church, and locking my remaining camera equipment inside!

As it happens, a gentleman from the church was still inside clearing up and to my relief he opened the door and let me in to collect my things. Lesson learnt there.


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    1. Hiya mate, I had problems with my website so only just read this post,
      I only supply the photos for you to do with as you please, although I used to do albums & they are a 10″x10″ luxury leather bound in white or black…50 page album with highly edited images from the day for a further £250 on top of the £700 for everything,
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  1. What beautiful shots, you have really captured the day in these pics. I’m one of two proud sister’s of leanne, and looking back at these pictures has just brought that fantastic day flooding back…. Xxx

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