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Becky & Danny Manchester Town Hall

edited (60 of 615)This was a belter of a wedding I had the pleasure of being at. I was helping Damian who was the lead photographer on the day and I was there to catch things from a different eye and it was such a big wedding as well there was a lot going on so lets just say it was an eventful day.

I turned up at the Town Hall in Albert Square in Manchester, weather was chilled but dry and met Damian and Danny the groom across the road in the Slug and Lettuce.

Pleasantries out of the way I set myself up, already there was Laughter from the guests already there awaiting the arrival of the gorgeous Becky, she didn’t disappoint.

Becky turned up in a vintage wedding car with her dad, beaming smiles from both of them, that’s when I introduced myself, just so she didn’t think I was a random person gatecrashing her big day with my camera.

They made their way up the ornate stairs in the Town Hall, a day of grandeur was about to begin. They waited outside the stunning room with floor to ceiling windows that let the daylight flood in and delicately placed candles to set the mood for the afternoon. Becky composed herself, the music began, she set off, shoulders back, big smile and a firm grip on her dads arm into the room where Danny was waiting excitedly to see the future Mrs Glynn to be.

They met at the front, both beaming with smiles & a small tear in Becky’s eye. The service began, only the one tissue was needed I think. They exchanged their vows without even a glance away from each others gaze, these two were forever..!!

The new Mrs & Mrs Glynn turned to an applause from family and friends and kissed.. The room felt the love before that, but now it was through the roof. They signed the legals and joined hands and made their way down the aisle to flashes from cameras and phones of people eager to get that first picture of the happy couple.

The guests filed past Danny and Becky, now with champagne in hand and slightly more relaxed receiving hand shakes and kisses off family and friends. The guests made their way outside ready for the confetti shot. Everyone got their full chance to congratulate the happy couple  and the selfies were in full flow. We all made our way back inside out of the chilled December air to a warmer part of the building where drinks were in full flow and the room filled with everyones chatting and laughter.

The main room where the reception was held was stunning, perfect lighting & set out well and where Howard Wing was all set up for his performance. The guests all filtered in, checked the list to see where they were sitting and took to their seats. The new Mr & Mrs Glynn were waiting outside, Howard opened up with his entrance words and music, the guests were waiting in anticipation for the official arrival of the new, Mr and Mrs Glynn.

Adam Wing was poised with his video camera ready for the moment the burst through the doors, Howard was enthusiastic as ever in bringing them in as myself & Damian tried to take all the expressions and emotions to the high paced entrance. After a lap of the room, they took to their seats on the top table, this is where Howard had the full attention of everyone and proceeded to open with his first song. The room was jumping already..and this was after just one song, I knew we were in for a great night.

The meals were served to all and then came the speeches, pure comedy from all who spoke adding to the already fantastic day. Damian knows the city centre so well, where all the quirky places are for some different styles of photography, off the cuff abstract style so we headed out with Danny & Becky into the remaining evening natural light. The best time of day for natural light photography.

Back to the venue for some more romantic shots in and around the grandeur of the town hall corridors & stairwells. The evening guests were arriving quickly so it was nearly time for the cake to be cut and then follow up with the first dance. The evening guests were soon up to speed with all the daytime celebrations so the time was fast approaching for the first dance as the new Mr & Mrs Glynn.

Once again it was easy to see why these two are together, the look they both have for each other speaks volumes…and they hadn’t even started dancing yet. As soon as they touched ..their arms were around one other, the hugs were tight, the kiss was long and the dance was slow, brought a tear to a few peoples eyes..even mine.

The dance floor soon filled with all who was there, surrounding Becky & Danny, while the music lifted to another level & the dance floor was packed by this time, plenty of photo opportunities were taken…and some more..

The night was coming to an end of what has to be one of the best weddings I have ever been to let alone had the pleasure of shooting. The whole day was fantastic which was easy to see as Danny & Becky are a beautiful couple with a beautiful family & friends surrounding them. It was an absolute honour to be invited to shoot alongside Damian Brandon, Howard Wing, Adam Wing as the whole day come together perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Becky & Danny Manchester Town Hall

  1. Oh wow, Lee these are just amazing! I was taken back every minute in these pictures. It really was just one big party :) I absolutely love them, you were so amazing on the day/night, so easy going and just a cool fun guy to have around! So glad you came along and captured these unbelievable pictures…we love you Lee xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Becky, absolutely loved being part of your big day..and what a blast it was…one of the best i’ve ever been at let alone had the pleasure of shooting. A rollercoaster of emotion that had me smiling all day long. Can’t wait for you to see all your photos xx.

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