A personality that takes photographs

About Captured Moments Photography

From picking up my first camera over six years ago and falling in love with photography, I have developed new skills that have taken me to another level in the world of wedding photography.

Since leaving school I’ve had many trades from; a mechanic, electrician, DJ and even working in the designer leaded window industry. Each trade that I’ve taken on I’ve strived to perfect it. I started by shadowing a wedding photographer at a friends wedding, learning positions and picking up tips. I then gave my photos of the day as a gift to the newly married couple.

On one occasion this actually helped a friend of mine as their official wedding photographs never arrived. If I wasn’t shadowing on the day they would have no photographs from their wedding day! They told me that I should go for it and do wedding photography full time.

I see myself as a personality that takes photographs, rather than a standard photographer. I love the feeling of the day, the joy of seeing everyone together, families reunited and every single wedding is different. I’m a sociable person who can talk to anyone and can even get a smile for the camera out of even the most camera shy people.

My style of photography is a reportage style so that I can capture the day fully, but I also include more traditional style photographs.